How to Style the Masseys Spring Collection

Something you might not know about us at Masseys is that we don’t just love fashion, we also create it! We have our very own team of designers that study each season’s top trends to put together a fresh and fun collection that you’ll only find right here at Masseys.  Here are just a couple of looks from our latest spring collection that we know you’ll love, plus a few tips on how to style them into stunning outfits! 

Make a Statement in Spots

Why We Love It: Bold fashion statements aren’t just for special events! These wide-leg pants come in a collection of different eye-catching patterns that are sure to rake in the compliments. In addition to being chic and stylish, these pants are also comfy enough for everyday wear with a tie waist that you can easily adjust to get the perfect fit.  

Where to Wear It: These pants can easily be dressed-up with heeled sandals and a blouse for a day at the office or dinner out with friends. For something a touch more casual, swap in a solid tee or tank that ties into your pants’ bold pattern. Want more pointers on how to style the leopard print version of these pants? We have a whole blog post about it, check it out here! 

Fun and Flouncy

Why We Love It: This top is different from all the others in your closet in the best way. The ruffles create a unique silhouette and a breezy feel for warm-weather vibes perfect for both spring and summer. Plus, the off-the-shoulder design makes sure you don’t end up with tank top strap tan lines! 

Where to Wear It: This top goes great with high waisted shorts and wedge sandals for a casual-chic look that you can wear to the farmer’s market, park, barbecue, and much more! For something a little fancier, trade the shorts for a midi or maxi skirt and add some bling with a necklace.  

Geometric Chic

Why We Love It: Who doesn’t love a ready-made outfit that is guaranteed to steal the spotlight? No need to worry about building the perfect outfit when you have this pant set on hand; just add a few accessories and you’re good to go! The geometric design is bound to stand out against the field of florals that always blooms in the spring. That’s not to say we don’t love a good floral pattern sometimes, but it’s also fun to wear something unique! 

Where to Wear It: This set is perfect for spring special occasions like the kids’ spring concerts, or everyday formal happenings like church. But who are we to limit this look to formal events only? Swap heels for loafers and wear this look to live music in the park. You’ll look stylish and put together no matter the occasion.  

Maximum Style Maxi Dress

Why We Love It: This maxi dress’s variety of shades and patterns makes it fit into just about every wardrobe. Want to be bold? Walk on the wild side with leopard print or be bright and beautiful with a colorful geometric pattern. Prefer something more subtle? This dress also comes in solids that are just as gorgeous. And we haven’t even STARTED on how comfortable this dress is. Trust us, you’ll want to live in this maxi all summer long. 

Where to Wear It: This dress is perfect for lounging around the house, running errands in town, or a trip to the pool with the kids. If the weather is on the cooler side, throw a jean jacket over top to block the breeze. For a fun style detail, try tying the hem of the skirt up to create an asymmetrical silhouette and really show off those sandals. 

Bold Not-So-Basics

Why We Love It: Sure, you probably have lots of tees and joggers in your wardrobe, but how many of them have ruffles like these? This set puts a twist on a casual look, creating something totally unique. The raw hem adds another interesting detail to the outfit. Worn together or apart, these pieces are sure to stun.

Where to Wear It: This look is perfect for a day trip to an art market or a trolley tour around a new city. It’s got the comfort factor that you need for a busy day of activities but is still chic enough to be the star of all the pics you post on Instagram when you get home. 

Pretty In Prints Pant Set

Why We Love It: We LOVE a pant set, if you couldn’t tell from our earlier picks. It’s an instant outfit: all you have to do is add a top and shoes! This one has a breezy, wind-swept look that is perfect for spring and summer. Plus you can split it up to create even more stylish outfits.  

Where to Wear It: This look is a must-bring on any summer vacation or spring break trip. It’s a perfect middle ground between dressy and casual, making it great for lounging by the pool in the morning and dinner out in the evening. The top can even be worn over a swimsuit for a day at the beach! 

With each piece thoughtfully crafted to inspire confidence, now is the perfect moment to infuse your wardrobe with springtime charm. And this is just a taste of everything our spring collection has to offer! There are lots more to explore only at Masseys, check it out now! 

What’s your favorite piece in our spring collection? Let us know in the comments! Also make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook to show us your spring and summer looks!

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