Take Your Dress From Summer To Fall

We’re back again, fashionistas – miss us?

The sun is setting on the dog days of summer. While most of us will miss the bliss that warm weather brings, over sized sweaters, scarves and chic boots are just on the fashion horizon. But, it isn’t time to pack away your favorite seasonal pieces just yet. Instead, check out our inspirational styles below and smoothly transition your summer bombshell look to fall flair.

Buttoned Boyfriend Shirt

This silky boyfriend shirt is lightweight yet still gives you the coverage you need. It’s a versatile layer that is easy to customize, and you can even use it as an accessory. Tie the bottom buttons at your waist to accentuate your curves. Go ahead and toss it over your shoulder or wear it around your arms or waist for a carefree I’m-not-even-trying look. We recommend pairing it with our best-selling Pleated Dress in the gingham print as styled here.

Denim Jacket & Sneakers

This lightly distressed jean jacket is the perfect option for late summer and fall nights. It keeps you cozy and tones your dress down for when you want a cute-but-casual ensemble. If you’re feeling bold, and we really, really hope you are, complete this look with slip-on sneakers. Yes – you read that right. Don’t be afraid to shatter the mold; dressy meets sporty is so trending. The sneaker we chose to complete this look is the Play by Blowfish which comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Remember, fashionistas: the weather is cooling down, so your style must get hotter! Which look is your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below and share via Facebook or Instagram!

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